Electroacupuncture (EA) and the EEG: An unfinished personal journey, 2001-2022. From simple hypothesis to artificial intelligence (AI)

Presentation by David Mayor, AACP Virtual Conference, 21 May 2022

In recent AACP conference presentations, David Mayor has talked about the sensory and tolerance thresholds of ‘strong but comfortable’ transcutaneous electroacupuncture (TEAS) (Leeds 2018) and the effects of TEAS on heart rate variability (HRV) (London 2019). In this 2022 presentation, he builds on a lecture given at the AACP conference in 2001 and talks a little about how acupuncture – and TEAS in particular – can affect the EEG, or electrical activity in the brain, based on both literature review and his own collaborative research at the University of Hertfordshire, with an emphasis on stimulation frequency. He also tells the meandering story of how a traditional acupuncturist became involved in neuroscience, and – for light relief – in EEG-based performance art.  Research protocols are described in brief, as well as the challenges of pre-processing and analysing EEG data. Some new results are presented, and caution advised in responding to the allure of ‘artificial intelligence’ (machine and deep learning) methods in big data acupuncture research.    

This presentation is only available on request to David Mayor. It is available in .mp4 format (1.68 GB). The slides are available here.